I never knew such a movie existed before i got hold of it. I was not expecting anthing great about the movie and thought it will be a run-of-the mill movie. But The name Raaja as the composer made me buy it. Astonishingly the movie had a very good plot and the handling of screenplay was also good.
Music is divine in this movie. Especially the theme music and the song ‘Alliyilam poo’ which has shades of ‘thazhampoove vaasam veesu’ is sweet lullaby sung by krishnachander. You will fall in love with this song the instant you listen to it. And there is another song ‘ruthubethakalpana’ rendered well by Yesudas accompanied by kalyani menon. This song is a lovely duet.
But the major asset for this movie will be its BGM where we can know Raaja has really loved each and every frame of this movie.
there is one particular scene which i loved the most.

Nedumudi venu in search of his estranged life happens to end up at the home of Madhavi who has taken up prostitution due to her financial problems after the sudden demise of her husband (mamooty – a short and sweet appearance). Venu after coming to her home takes a liking towards Madhavi’s child (Shalini) and finds meaning in his life through her. Madhavi who was unable to give him company after taking the payment the earlier day, would want to satisfy him the next day, While Venu Doesnt have such an agenda today! Every single minute detail of expression is captured well by Raaja in this more than 5 minute scene where no dialogues will be uttered until the child in the other room starts crying. the music trasfers from Jazzy to Classical to folkish detailing everything running in both of their minds. Mindblowing scene which can never be captured in mere words. thanks Raaja  🙂

You can watch this scene here  though the VDO quality is low you can enjoy the music.


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