Though I had known always such a film existed, the second Film of Manirathnam… This had been evading for so long that when i got hold of it I was overwhelmed.

The movie is a strong condemnation over the evolution of communist movements all over the World which have declined merely into trade unions and power struggle/capture organizations. The whole movie is made well over this theme. The unemployment, the economic depravedness, the struggle to overcome it everything culminating into a struggle- within the own clan is dealt well. In a world which thrives with selfishness there can be no true communist is what the movie is about.
Technically not a great one, for which the later manirathnam came to be championed for, the movie had the raw ‘Malayali’ Style of making. Had we not known this movie as MR’s it could be passed on as any other Mainstream Malayalam movie.
The movie has all the ingredients of a commercial cinema (love, sentiment, duet) yet a powerful one, for the theme it had dealt with, that too in the very own state where the degeneration of Communism in the name of Trade unions is prevailing.
Talking about the music of Raaja, As always he had supported the movie with his powerful theme music and two songs. The first song ‘ deepame’ being a fun filled choral kinda song and the other one ‘theeram thedi olam paadi’ a recyle of ‘Roja ondru’ from komberi Mookan are both pleasent to lsiten to.

But the Climax BGM and End Title Credits (Which is also the Title Music) is where Raaja Excels and is on par… or more than any other great film composers like John Williams, ennio morricone Etc.,
the plot is somewhat like this:
The life of People living along a seashore village,who are left with no job being denied access for fishing… after a wall was erected along the shore for building the port of cochin form the main element of the movie. As their livelihood is at stake, after a lot of struggle and forming a union they get the relief in the way of few people getting into some jobs into Fort Cochin… incidentally, the struggle will be not against the Govt. but against the trade unions which deny that others should not be given a job and all overtime should be given only to themselves.
Slowly the same union grows into a larger union and does the same to other unemployed youths of same village. A factory to be built which could give jobs to more youths will not be allowed by the Trade Unions and its leaders. They strike against the Factory builder and closes down all activities. In the struggle which ensues The unemployed youths who wants the factory to be built, for they can get jobs Takes a head-on with the trade unionists. Watch this Beautiful piece of Climax and the End title Score and Let me know whether any other composer could have done justice to this scene???



One response to “UNAROO

  1. Are you saying this is best BGM score of IR?
    it is very ordinary and predictable. not spellbounding.

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